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Springs Alliance Inc. is a partnership of everyday selfless volunteers and grassroots organizations committed to nourishing all neighbors through food and housing.

RESPITE: Most of us will never truly know the pain and suffering involved in surviving on the streets. The blisters from miles walked each day. The wounds from surviving in harsh weather. The mental toll from staying in constant survival mode 24/7. Springs Alliance seeks to provide rest to our unhoused neighbors. A break from living outside. We do this with a zero-barrier entry into the center. Neighbors may enter for any reason - even if the reason is to watch tv., enjoy a coffee, or sleep. Compassionate and trauma-informed volunteers work to provide a space to just safely BE. 


We fiercely believe in the power of people...multiplying the strength of working and poor people through solidarity and cooperation.

SOLIDARITY: Solidarity not charity," is at the heart of Springs Alliance. We center equity, love, and justice into every decision and action for the unhoused in our city. We believe housing is an inherant human right, along with food stability, a living wage, and community support (amongst others). We strive to remind each person of their worth by offering solidarity. A reminder that we're all in this together. What I have - you have also. ALL services at Springs Alliance are FREE to our unhoused neighbors. There are zero barriers. We provide Employment and Educational services. Support navigating the housing system. Free food, clothing, and survival supplies. Life skills, a safe space for ALL, healthcare referrals, pet care/food, and a chance to just be. Inside. Without having an appointment or reason to stop by. One needs to simply walk through the door for some SA solidarity and love.

ADVOCACY: We work with amazing volunteers and partnering organizations to help fight for the rights and dignity of our unhoused friends. Often our unhoused neighbors feel worried about upcoming court dates, housing appointments, navigating the housing systems, and simply - surviving. At Springs Alliance, we never stop fighting and caring for our unhoused friends. We offer legal aid, court support, endorsing affordable housing and unhouse rights legislation, case management services (contacting local agencies on behalf of the unhoused neighbor, etc.), and educating the public on the myths of living unhoused.


We strive to build a better future for all people in our city. 


We help people find purpose and connection...their personal power and hope.


The space to live and just be.

HOPE: Our houseless outreach has shown that many local unhoused neighbors are confused about the process to enter permanent housing. Springs Alliance supports those who want it with local housing referrals to area sheltering organizations, help with other housing services (ID cards, addresses, etc.), food, clothing, supplies, and a caring ear. We're always there to help our unhoused neighbors however we can.


We will fight for a compassionate society, not for the profit of ruling elites, but for the good of ALL beings.

Springs Alliance holds all beings are inherently worthy of a life full of inclusivity, equity, love, joy, and community. Free of stress, fear, oppression, and hate.


Where all beings are housed. Fed. And All needs met.

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